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iEd English Program

The iEd English Program is a core service that is meant to be used by partner schools in class using a blended learning model. The iEd English Program is for schools that want to enhance the English learning environment for students. By using the iEd English Platform, schools can empower teachers and students with highly efficient learning content that adapts to student performance and gives personalized feedback.

  • Length: Semester and academic year
  • Level: K-12 and above
  • Language: Support available in English, traditional and simplified Chinese and Vietnamese

New classroom benefits

Using our advanced learning platform, schools and teachers can benefit from three key support enhancements:

  • Reduced workloads for teachers
  • Personalized learning plans 
  • More engagement time for students

Using machine learning, the iEd English Platform can analyze and follow any English curriculum used by a school or teacher. Big data analysis is then used to create content that can be synchronized with the school’s curriculum. In order to provide the most efficient learning content, the platform creates new learning materials and exercises based on the collected data and the school’s learning expectations.

Empower teachers and students

Struggling with technology can be frustrating and can really hinder learning opportunities. Teachers and students can easily manage their online account through the iEd English Platform. There they can access handouts, videos, assignments and assessments. Teachers can easily organize and manage different groups of students and oversee their progress reports, assessments and learning plan recommendations.

The iEd English Platform provides different types of progress reports to teachers and students automatically based on student performance. Assignment grading is completed with the assistance of AI to assess the students and their speaking, listening, reading and writing strengths and weaknesses. The information from these assessments are reported in recommended learning plans specific for each student – enabling teachers to efficiently help students make progress on their weaker skills.

Features of the iEd English Program

The iEd English Program uses a number of different platform tools that help manage lesson content, grading and assessments. The iEd English Home Program consists of the iEd Online, iEd Café and iEd Lecture. Each part gives you a unique opportunity to personalize your learning experience according to your priorities. The iEd English platform tracks and assesses your learning process and behavior and allows you to easily monitor own progress.

iEd Online

iEd Online is where teachers and students login and access their accounts. Students can use their accounts to download lesson materials or study aids, watch iEd Lectures, complete lesson quizzes and practice your speaking using the iEd Café. Students can also check on their progress and see different reports that track their performance and your skills over time. Teachers can use their accounts to oversee and manage students in different groups who use different learning materials.

iEd Café

The iEd Café is a mobile language lab designed to train English pronunciation. Students can access recordings made by native English speakers and then record yourself. The iEd Café uses AI to evaluate the pronucation of students and helps guide them to speak and sound more like a native speaker. Students can use the iEd Café to practice things like phonetics, words, phrases, tongue twisters, speeches, and simulated interviews.

iEd Lecture

The iEd Lectures are a set of online lectures made by speech therapists and linguists to help guide students through different lesson materials by providing examples and detailed explanations.

Increase learning efficiency

Because our classes are integrated with the latest technology, you can learn English quickly and easily.

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