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I'm happy that I chose to join iEd. It did help me to improve and I learned a lot.CARE LAM

When I first started with iEd, my language skill was very bad. However, by practicing and listening to the teacher I became better and better when speaking English.PARK TAE HEE

Thanks for supporting us to learn English & let us learn more about western culture. YEE LOK WONG

Thank you for teaching us & always correcting our pronunciation. GODFREY CHAN

Thank you, for I have learned more vocabulary from you. I will work on my English.RINGO CHAN

During lessons and [field] trips, there are always chances to chat with foreigners. Despite having mistakes in your sentences they will be fine and point out what is the wrong thing. This usually happens to myself, so after finishing the program, I wasn't shy in the DSE oral exam and was able to use structures in my sentences. In short, this program can not only improve your English level, but also the confidence that we lack when speaking foreign languages.Thomas Yeung


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