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About us

Who we are

Immersive Education Academy (iEd) is an Education Technology company based in Hong Kong focusing on English learning. The organization was established in 2012. 
Like in many Asian countries, English is a mandatory subject in school and plays an important role. While reading and writing are the main focus in most curriculums, the importance of listening and speaking is growing. iEd was created to leverage the advantages of online learning to develop a platform and program for students to learn English. The online platform makes use of interactive multimedia learning resources in order to assist local teachers and enhance the learning environment. iEd’s teaching philosophy uses a “use it or lose it” approach by encouraging students to speak, listen and think in English. 

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Our goals

Do more by doing less

At Immersive Education Academy (iEd), we assist schools and teachers with EdTech solutions that support and guide students to learn English fluently through a unique combination of blended learning and artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced data analysis. Using our advanced learning platform, schools and teachers can benefit from three key support enhancements:

  • Reduced workloads for teachers
  • Personalized learning plans 
  • More engagement time for students

We work closely with schools and teachers to provide a synchronized program with local school curriculums that support teachers administratively through automatic creation of assignments, grading and assessment reports. As a result, teachers can continue teaching their curriculums without the burden of tedious administrative duties that would normally occupy their time. This allows teachers to spend more time giving feedback to their students. 

The iEd English Platform consists of the iEd Online, iEd Café and iEd Lecture. Each part gives teachers and student a unique opportunity to personalize their education according to their goals. The iEd English platform tracks and assesses student learning process and behavior. This allows schools to easily monitor the students and provide guidance. 

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Our mission

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to teach our students how to confidently command the English language and use it to achieve their academic and career goals. 

Our vision is to become one of the leading online education technology providers in Asia for K-12 and high education programs.