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iEd English Home Program


The iEd English Home Program is a core service that is meant to be used by students who are not enrolled in a partner school using the iEd English School Program or any other program provided by iEd. You can use this online learning program in the convenience of your home to improve your practical English skills or to prepare for various academic English examinations like the TOEFL or IELTS. The program is supported by an online platform that assesses your learning performance and adapts the program curriculum to help you develop your weaknesses.

  • Length: 12 months
  • Level: K-12 and above
  • Language: English
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About the iEd English Home Program

Struggling with technology can be frustrating and can really hinder learning opportunities. Students can easily manage their online account through the iEd English Platform. There they can access handouts, videos, assignments and assessments. 

The iEd English Home Program uses a number of different platform tools that help manage lesson content, grading and assessments. Assignment grading is completed with the assistance of AI to assess speaking, listening, reading and writing strengths and weaknesses. The information from these assessments are used to determine your learning plan - which enables you to efficiently make progress on your weaker skills.

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Features of the iEd English Home Program

The iEd English Home Program uses a number of different platform tools that help manage lesson content, grading and assessments. The iEd English Home Program consists of the iEd Online, iEd Café and iEd Lecture. Each part gives you a unique opportunity to personalize your learning experience according to your priorities. The iEd English platform tracks and assesses your learning process and behavior and allows you to easily monitor own progress.

iEd Online

iEd Online is where students login and access their account. You can use your student account to download lesson materials or study aids, watch iEd Lectures, complete lesson quizzes and practice your speaking using the iEd Café. You can also check your progress and see different reports that track your performance and your skills over time.

iEd Café

The iEd Café is a mobile language lab designed to train English pronunciation. You can access recordings made by native English speakers and then record yourself. The iEd Café uses AI to evaluate your pronucation and help guide you to speak and sound more like a native speaker. You can use the iEd Café to practice things like phonetics, words, phrases, tongue twisters, speeches, and simulated interviews.

iEd Lecture

The iEd Lectures are a set of online lectures made by speech therapists and linguists to help guide you through different lesson materials by providing examples and detailed explanations.

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iEd English Program

The iEd English Program is a unique online English learning program that can be used in schools. 

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